Stone, which seems ordinary, contains endless treasure however!

Stone, processed by Human, also carries the deep cultural history.

Numerous asian worship stone. They love it, study it, collect it, and research itĄ­

Hongshan Culture and Liangzhu culture are the outstanding representative of Chinese culture. They are not only for a small number of scholars or experts' exclusive devotion, but also for the whole nation's attention.

Stone is reseached as the treasures of mankind. They are valuable, more importantly, they concentrate the strong cohesion force of the Chinese Nation.

Only a growing number of people, especially, more and more youth are involved in the study and research, many academic subjects suspending for long time can be overcome and developed.

"Love our homeland, love our people and love the excellent traditional culture". Behavior can prove it.

We need the support from State, from experts and from tens of thousands of people.

This is the lofty goal of "DaShi Village".
— Xu GuoYuan
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